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Compact Cylinder ADVU-40-25-A-P-A, Festo
Compact Cylinder ADVU-40-25-A-P-A, Festo

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Juhtmekanal HVDRF 40Lx100K, A6/4, 2m/pc, hall
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Juhtmekanal HVDRF 40Lx100K, A6/4, 2m/pc, hall
Kood: 011700654
€ 11,00  /pc
(€ 13,20 /pc KM-ga)
Package 2m, unit price 5.5EUR/m
0.7273 kg/m
0.0028 m3/m
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Wiring Duct HVDRF 40Wx100H, slotted wall A6/4, 2m, grey

Wire management solution.
The selection and design of Trinity Touch wiring ducts is to meet the maximum wire capacity needs and space constraint of the smallest wall mounted panels to the largest integrated systems.
All the wiring ducts are manufactured from high impact, self extinguish, wrap proof rigid PVC with lead free material. PVC material carries UL 94 flammability rating of V0 for excellent flame retardancy, continuous use temperature 50ºC (122ºF).
Wiring ducts includes solid and slotted styles, narrow slots/finger design provides more slot to closed fit the spacing of high density terminal block and other hardware.
All the wiring ducts are available in different sizes. Premium-Duct comes in standard colour of grey in 1 meter and 2 meter lengths. Other colours of wiring ducts are also available on request for minimum volume requirements.
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