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Chassis ControlLogix, 4slots, Rockwell Automation
Chassis ControlLogix, 4slots, Rockwell Automation

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Alumiiniumkarp Klippon K2, 70x100x45, AISi12, CR tihend, IP66, Weidmüller
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Alumiiniumkarp Klippon K2, 70x100x45, AISi12, CR tihend, IP66, Weidmüller
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Aluminum Enclosure Klippon K2 70x100x45, CR seal, IP66, Weidmüller

The Klippon® brand has long stood for competence and quality in housings – particularly when turnkey, customer specific solutions for standard industrial applications and applications in explosive risk zones are concerned. Improved products that meet all application requirements:
this was Weidmüller's aim when modernising and upgrading the Klippon® K enclosure series. No matter what kind of application the customer is planning;
Weidmüller is able to provide a wide range of aluminium enclosures precisely fitting the customer's requirements.
Our extensive product range offers the following advantages:
  • Available in two surface finishes: natural and powder coated (RAL 7001)
  • Available with moulded silicone or chloroprene gasket as standard
  • Uniform Torx slotted screw head for 19 enclosure sizes
  • Mounting holes outside of the gasket area
  • High IP protection classes: IP66, IP67 and IP68
  • Impact resistance of up to 7 (10) Joules
  • The housings are certified by ATEX, IECEx, GOST Ex, GOST, cULus, Russian Maritime Register and Germanischer Lloyd as well as the empty housing standard.
  • Alloy is resistant to salt water
  • Standardised distributor housings with threaded holes and a variety of terminal configurations
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