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Breakout Board Kit, f. Ultra3000 CN2 feedback connector, 15pin, Allen-Bradley
Breakout Board Kit, f. Ultra3000 CN2 feedback connector, 15pin, Allen-Bradley

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Sagedusmuundur PowerFlex4M, 5.5kW 13A 480VAC 3PH EMC Allen-Bradley
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Sagedusmuundur PowerFlex4M, 5.5kW 13A 480VAC 3PH EMC Allen-Bradley
Kood: 22F-D013N114
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Sagedusmuundur PowerFlex 4M 5.5kW 13A 480VAC 3PH EMC Allen-Bradley

  • PowerFlex® 4M AC Drives are the smallest and most cost-effective members of the PowerFlex family of drives. Feed-through wiring and easy programming provide the flexibility to handle a broad range of applications.
  • Power ratings:
    - 100…120V: 0.2…1.1 kW / 0.25…1.5 Hp / 1.6…6 A
    - 200…240V: 0.2…7.5 kW / 0.25…10 Hp / 1.6…33 A
    - 380…480V: 0.4…11 kW / 0.5…15 Hp / 1.5…24 A
  • IP20, NEMA/UL open type enclosures
  • V/Hz control, slip compensation
  • Integral RS-485 communications
  • Feed-through wiring
  • DIN rail mounting feature on A and B frame drives
  • Ambient temperatures up to 50 °C (122 °F) permitted with minimal spacing between drives
  • Zero StackingTM Drives for ambient temperatures up to 40 °C (104 °F)
  • Drive overload protection and ramp regulation
  • Configuration and programming via integral LCD keypad, remote keypad, or DriveToolsTM SP software
  • Premier Integration with PowerFlex AC drives uses the Logix control platform to simplify parameter and tag programming and reduces development time
  • 22F PowerFlex 4M AC Drives
  • UL, cUL, CE, C-Tick
  • Certifications apply when product is marked. See our Product Certification site for Declarations of Conformity, certificates and other certification details.
  • Connected Components Workbench Software
    - Leverages Rockwell Automation® and Microsoft® Visual Studio® technologies for fast and easy drive configuration
    - Provides common, easy programming and configuration support for PowerFlex® drives, Micro800TM controllers, PanelViewTM Component graphic terminals, and other select Rockwell Automation® devices
    - Lets you create and deploy user-defined function blocks
    - Supports IEC1131 programming through a variety of languages: ladder diagram, function block diagram, structured text
  • DriveTools SP Software
    - Family of software tools
    - Easy online and offline programming
    - RSLinx® connectivity
    - Includes DriveExecutiveTM and DriveObserverTM software
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