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Juhtmekanal TransCab, 60Lx100K, 2m/pc, Legrand, hall
Juhtmekanal TransCab, 60Lx100K, 2m/pc, Legrand, hall

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ISO Cylinder DSBG-100-160-PPVA-N3T1, Festo
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ISO Cylinder DSBG-100-160-PPVA-N3T1, Festo
Kood: DSBG-100-160-PPVA-N3T1
€ 396,60  /tk
(€ 475,92 /tk KM-ga)
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ISO Cylinder DSBG-100-160-PPVA-N3T1, Festo

Feature Value
Stroke 1 ... 2,800 mm
Piston diameter 100 mm
Piston rod thread M12
Max. angular deflection of piston rod +/- -0.45 ... 0.45 deg
Based on the standard ISO 15552
Cushioning P: Flexible cushioning rings/plates at both ends
PPS: Self-adjusting pneumatic end-position cushioning
PPV: Pneumatic cushioning adjustable at both ends
Assembly position Any
Conforms to standard ISO 15552
Piston-rod end Male thread
Female thread
Design structure Piston
Piston rod
Tie rod
Cylinder barrel
Position detection For proximity sensor
Variants For unlubricated operation
Bellows on bearing cap
Hard wiper seal
Extended male piston rod thread
Female thread on piston rod
Piston rod with special thread
Extended piston rod
Metal wiper seal
With protection against rotation
Constant slow movement
Through piston rod
Heat resistant seals, max. 120°C
Temperature range 0 - 150 °C
Temperature range -40 - 80 °C
Single-ended piston rod
Low friction for balancer applications
Piston rod with shortened male thread
Variable stud bolt
Operating pressure 0.05 ... 12 bar
Mode of operation double-acting
CE mark (see declaration of conformity) to EU directive explosion protection (ATEX)
ATEX category Gas II 2G
ATEX category Dust II 2D
Explosion ignition protection type Gas Ex h IIC T4 Gb
Explosion ignition protection type Dust Ex h IIIC T120°C Db
Explosion-proof ambient temperature -20°C <= Ta <= +60°C
Operating medium Compressed air in accordance with ISO8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
Note on operating and pilot medium Lubricated operation possible (subsequently required for further operation)
Corrosion resistance classification CRC 2 - Moderate corrosion stress
3 - High corrosion stress
Ambient temperature -40 ... 150 °C
Impact energy in end positions 2.5 J
Cushioning length 32 mm
Theoretical force at 6 bar, return stroke 4,418 N
Theoretical force at 6 bar, advance stroke 4,418 ... 4,712 N
Moving mass with 0 mm stroke 1,000 g
Additional weight per 10 mm stroke 94 g
Basic weight for 0 mm stroke 3,665 g
Additional mass factor per 10 mm of stroke 39 g
Mounting type Optional
with internal (female) thread
with accessories
Pneumatic connection G1/2
Materials note Contains PWIS substances
Conforms to RoHS
Material cover Die-cast aluminium, coated
Material piston seal FPM
Material piston Wrought Aluminium alloy
Material piston rod high-alloy stainless steel, hard chrome plated
High alloy steel
High alloy steel, non-corrosive
Material piston rod wiper seal FPM
Buffer seal material FPM
Cushion piston material Wrought aluminium alloy
Material cylinder barrel Smooth-anodised wrought aluminium alloy
Material nut steel, galvanized
High alloy steel, non-corrosive
Rod wiper seal material Brass
PTFE reinforced
Material bearing Bronze
Metal polymer compound
Collar nut material Galvanised steel
Material tie rod High alloy steel
High alloy steel, non-corrosive
Spacer bolt material High alloy steel, non-corrosive
Swivel mounting material Spheroidal graphite cast iron, painted
Material bellows NBR
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