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Phase Monitoring Relay 600PSR, 3Ø-3wire, phase sequence/failure/asymmetry, 1SPDT (1CO) 5A 250VAC, LED, cv 154..500VAC, W17.5mm, TS35, Selec Code: 600PSR-CU In Stock €29.10 /pc
Voltage Protection Relay 600VPR, 3Ø-3wire, phase sequence/failure ^over/under voltage, range 310..520VAC, 1SPDT (1CO) 5A 250VAC, delay 0.2..10s, W17.5mm, TS35, Selec Code: 600VPR-310/520-CU In Stock €39.80 /pc
Code: 600VPR-170/290 7 days
€40.60 /pc
Voltage^Phase Monitoring Relay VPRA2M, 1Ø-2wire/3Ø-4wire, over/under voltage ^phase asymmetry ^failure ^sequence ^neutral loss, range 127..288VAC, trip delay 15s, 2CO (DPDT) 5A 250VAC/28VDC, cv 127..288VAC, W35mm, TS35, Selec Code: VPRA2M-CU In Stock €36.10 /pc
Voltage^Phase Monitoring Relay 900VPR-2, 3digits LCD dispay, 3Ø-3/4wire, over/under voltage ^frequency ^phase asymmetry ^failure ^sequence, range 160..520VAC, delay 0..99.9s, 2CO 3/5A 250VAC, self powered, W35mm, TS35, Selec Code: 900VPR-2-280/520-CE 7 days
€53.40 /pc
Voltage^Phase Monitoring Relay 900VPR-BL, 3digits LCDispay w. backlight, 3Ø-3/4wire, over/under voltage/frequency ^phase asym./failure/sequence ^neutral loss, range 50..500VAC, time delay 300s, 2CO 5A 250VAC, cv 85..270VAC/DC, W35mm, TS35, Selec Code: 900VPR-BL-U-CE In Stock €67.40 /pc
Code: 900CPR-1-BL In Stock €67.90 /pc
Code: 900CPR-3-1-BL In Stock €112.00 /pc
Leakage Current Monitoring Relay 900ELR-2, core balance current relay, 3digits LCDisplay w. backlight., 1Ø-2wire ^3Ø-3/4wire, range 10mA-30A, time delay 99.9s, 2CO 5A 250VAC, sv 230VAC, W35mm, TS35, Selec Code: 900ELR-2-230-CU 7 days
€70.10 /pc
Current Transformer CBCT, d35mm, turns ratio 1000:1, Selec Code: CBCT-35-1 7 days
€15.90 /pc
Current Transformer CBCT, d70mm, turns ratio 1000:1, Selec Code: CBCT-70-1 7 days
€23.10 /pc
Current Transformer CBCT, d120mm, turns ratio 1000:1, Selec Code: CBCT-120-1 7 days
€59.50 /pc
Current Monitoring Relay 1SPDT 8A 24..48VAC/DC 0.1-10AAC/DC DIN rail Carlo Gavazzi Code: DIB01CD4810A 7 days
€123.00 /pc
Current Transformer A82, 250AAC d27mm, output 4..20mA, LED, cv 10..40VDC, Carlo Gavazzi Code: A82-20250 7 days
€110.30 /pc
Current Transformer E83, 5..50AAC, d12mm, output 4-20mA, LED, cv 10..40VDC, Carlo Gavazzi Code: E83-2050 In Stock €94.50 /pc
Monitoring Relay True RMS, 3P/3P+N, multi-function, SPDT 8A 250VAC, 0.1..30s, cv 480VAC, TS35, W22.5mm, CarloGavazzi Code: DPB01CM48 7 days
€155.40 /pc
Code: 0041097 21 days
€355.40 /pc
Code: 0053806 21 days
€318.50 /pc
Code: 1SVR730712R0200 21 days
€68.10 /pc
Code: 1SVR730794R3300 21 days
€126.40 /pc

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