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Analog Timer 600ST, On-Delay, 1SPDT (1co) 5A 250V 0.1s..3h, 240VAC, TS35, Selec Code: 600ST-CU In Stock €19.40 /pc
Analog Timer 600XU, 13 Modes, 1SPDT 5A 250V 0.1s..3h, 12/20..240V, 17.5mm, TS35, Selec Code: 600XU-CU In Stock €24.00 /pc
Analog Timer 600DT, LCD, 15 Modes, 0.1s..10h, 1SPDT 8A 250VAC, cv 20..240VAC/DC, 17.5mm, TS35, Selec Code: 600DT-CU In Stock €42.30 /pc
Analog Timer 600ST, Star-Delta, 1SPDT 5A 250V each f. Star&Delta, 0.3..30/0.6..60s, pause 50/100msec, 230VAC, 17.5mm, TS35, Selec Code: 600SD-CU In Stock €38.90 /pc
Analog Timer 55XU, countdown, on/off delay 0..30s..30h, DPDT (2CO) 5A 230VAC/ 24VDC, reset| power interruption, sv 20..240VAC/ 12..240VDC, ■48x48/ □45x45mm, Selec Code: 55XU-T-CU In Stock €26.30 /pc
Analog Timer 55XC, countdown, cyclic on/off first 0..10s..10h, DPDT (2CO) 5A 230VAC/ 24VDC, reset| power interruption, sv 20..240VAC/ 12..240VDC, ■48x48/ □45x45mm, Selec Code: 55XC-T-CU In Stock €28.30 /pc
Digital Timer XT5042, count up/down, 7funct. 0..99.99s..9999h, SPST (2NO) 5A 250VAC/ 24VDC, pulse ^gate start, 2x set point, reset| front ^terminal ^power interruption, LED display 2x4, sv 90..270VAC/DC, ■48x48/ □45x45mm, Selec Code: XT5042-CU In Stock €70.90 /pc
Digital Timer XT546, 4 modes, 2SPDT (2co) 5A 250V 0s..999h, start pulse, 2x set point, 85..270V, display 2x3, □45x45mm, IP65, Selec Code: XT546-CU 7 days
€40.30 /pc
Digital Timer XT56, countdown, on/off delay 0..9.99s..99.9h, DPDT (2CO) 5A 230VAC/ 24VDC, set point, pulse start, reset| front ^remote ^power interruption, pushwheel switch, LED display 1x3, sv 90..270VAC/DC, ■48x48/ □45x45mm, Selec Code: XT56-N-CU 7 days
€53.20 /pc
Code: DMB51CM24 7 days
€25.00 /pc
Timer Lexic, flashing 0.1s..100h, 8A 250VAC, cv 12..230VAC, Legrand Code: 004742 21 days
€57.30 /pc

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